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Fun Activities Around the Bexley for Hot Summer Days

Hoboken is home to hundreds of restaurants and bars right outside your Bexley apartment, but we also have some unique activities that are perfect to enjoy with friends or family. Check out one of these local attractions when the August sun is too hot for an outdoor day.

Turquoise Cup – This art café allows you to turn into an artist for the evening! The Turquoise Cup is a truly unique space. They are both an art studio and a cafe, all under one roof. When you drop by The Turquoise Cup, you can enjoy a selection of locally baked goods, a fresh cup of coffee, or set out on a creative adventure with one of their many DIY projects. If you’re looking to do something creative one weekend, their shelves are lined with various ceramics that are ready to be hand painted. Choose from their selection of dozens of paint colors to create a truly unique masterpiece to add to your desk, kitchen table or be given as a gift. They recently relocated to 155 6th Street and their new space is beautiful!

Gravity Vault – Gravity Vault is an indoor, rock-climbing gym located uptown on 14th and Clinton.  They have over 14,000 square feet of climbing, 40 + foot climbing walls, 45-60 rope stations, strength training classes, yoga and a private party room. There are different options for climbing so that first-time climbers or those who know the ropes (no pun intended) can both have a fun time.


Turquoise Cup

155 Sixth St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 683-5900


Gravity Vault

1423 Clinton St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 740-1423