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Observing Earth Day, Every Day, at The Bexley

April 22nd is Earth Day and this is the 29th year it will be celebrated! If you would like to be more environmentally conscience year-round, here are some easy tips to try in your apartment.

  • Use water wisely
    One of the simplest ways to protect the natural environment is to conserve water. This means turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and washing your garments in cold water which can decrease energy use by up to 80% when compared to a warm wash. Keeping toxins out of the water supply is also important, so dispose of chemicals and poisons properly by contacting waste management programs near you, and use biodegradable products whenever possible.
  • Save energy
    Turning the lights out when you leave an empty room is the simplest way to save energy! Adding Energy-efficient appliances, which are often easy-to-find and affordable, will help conserve energy every time you use them. You can also save energy by unplugging items when they aren’t in use; that way, they won’t continue to pull power.
  • Recycle your everyday waste
    It’s easier than ever to save paper, plastic, aluminum and glass from landfills and getting them recycled into new, useful items. Just by taking your recyclable materials to one of the Bexley recycling rooms, you’re helping to preserve the environment!
  • Eating more Green

What we eat matters. The food choices we make every day have a big effect on the environment. The good news is that Hoboken has a wonderful farmer’s market right by your Bexley apartment. Even small changes in what we buy and eat can add up to real environmental benefits, including fewer toxic chemicals, reduced global warming emissions, and preservation of our ocean resources. Eating “green” can also mean eating fresher, healthier foods while supporting our famers.


Happy Earth Day from the Bozutto Team!